US Troop Support Foundation
Supporting our Heroes from home, so they can win the War overseas!


 Beware of scams.

There have been people using our name to request
 donations.  Please make sure  the people you donate
to  for USTSF is  in deed  a part of USTSF . Most events are posted on our web site under up coming events page . 
 If you question a donation For KC, Mo metro area Please call us  at
816-224- 4729.

A scammer recently frauded Sprint by
ordering cell phones  and service in our name.
It was quickly caught and stopped.

We will do everything possible to stop scams.
We will work with all law enforcement to prosecute .

Scammers can get all business tax ID's and info over the world wideweb.
We cannot stop this. It is public info.
Please Be cautious !



  All foundations  that are tax deductible per IRS rulings, are required to file a form called a 990 each year.   This is an IRS  form detailing where the donations went.  USTSF's 990 is posted on our home page.
If you are curious as to how much of your donation is used for the actual cause, do not be afraid to request/ demand a copy of a 990. It is required that a public foundation must allow it to be public . You are entitled to see where your dollars  go when donating!

You may donate on line  by going to the bottom of any of our web pages and clicking on the donation link!

You may contact US TROOP SUPPORT FOUNDATION  by email at
or by phone at 816-224-4729


You may contact US TROOP SUPPORT FOUNDATION  by email at
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